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Albacore Tuna 6 oz.

Albacore Tuna 6 oz.

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Take some of Oregon's fresh bounty with you. THIS IS THE BEST TUNA OREGON HAS TO OFFER!

Premium Line-Caught Albacore Tuna with a pinch of sea salt. 


•Albacore Tuna come near the Oregon coast during the summer months, with the warm water currents. Typically 40-60miles offshore, right on the continental shelf.

•We use a troll method to catch them, which is barbless hook and line we “troll” 4-8mph on the surface with a colorful lure. The fish come up to the surface and bite it. Then we pull them in by hand.

•upon catching, they get bled and placed in a salt and ice mixture that brings their internal temperature down from nearly 80degrees down to 32 degrees. Then they get placed in the fish hold and buried in flake ice. This is referred to as fresh fish.
 Other methods are blast freezing which is cold air blowing on them until frozen. And brine freezing which is refrigerated salt brine that is sprayed over the fish until frozen.

•When we come back to port the fish are unloaded and quickly processed at Oregon seafoods in Charleston.

•the benefits of the fresh/ice fishing method are that the fish contains all of it’s natural moisture and there is no need to add any water or oil to it before cooking it into this shelf stable product form.

•these pouches require much less cook time than the traditional canning process because the packaging is so thin. This means less alteration to the natural state of this delicious fish.


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